How much does it cost?

Once you've completed your 15-lesson free trial, Fluencia offers two membership options. 

  • Our monthly plan is a recurring membership that costs $14.95 USD per month and renews automatically each month until you cancel those automatic payments.
  • Our yearly plan costs $95.40 USD per year and is also set up for automatic renewals, but those renewals can be cancelled in the first year in order to avoid being billed for a second year. 

Both plans grant you access to the same lessons; the only difference is the amount of time you have for accessing the lessons.

We'd love to have you join as a member!

Looking to purchase from outside the US? We do not charge any currency conversion fees, so the plan price will be charged to you according to the exchange rate for your home currency on the day you make the purchase. However, some banks and credit cards do charge a fee for processing foreign transactions, which may affect the final amount charged to you.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to email us!