What makes Fluencia different?

  • Fluencia uses adaptive technology and cognitive research to boost memory retention up to 200% (Purdue).
  • Fluencia has proprietary Smart Review™ and personalized feedback technology that tailors the experience to the individual learner.
  • Fluencia teaches useful conversational language, focuses on full sentence communication (rather than word lists or grammar concepts in isolation), and sets this learning in the context of authentic conversations to help users communicate faster.
  • Fluencia has step-by-step instruction, appropriate for users of all levels/backgrounds, and a rich curriculum created by the world’s experts in Spanish language instruction.
  • Fluencia takes advantage of the latest technologies.  It is responsively designed to be used on desktops, tablets, and phones, and is available in the cloud, where progress is seamlessly synced.
  • Fluencia is priced affordably with simple monthly pricing, starting under $10 a month.
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