Can I read some reviews?

Sure! We love hearing from our members. Here's what they're saying:

"I have tried at least 4 language learning systems at this point, but Fluencia gives me the best retention. I am very pleased." –Amy G.

"Fluencia runs rings around Rosetta Stone and I am showing this program to all my friends." –Vanessa L.

"It was one of my dreams to learn Spanish and finally it's coming true! I'm so happy with Fluencia." –Mojdeh S.

"Fluencia creates a learning environment based on immediate feedback, unlike other Spanish sites. Learning is broken up into bite-sized chunks, which you have to demonstrate mastery of. You get immediate validation if you get it right and correction if you get it wrong. You can try as many times as you need to, building proficiency. This site was developed with the most cutting edge learning theory in mind." –Will

"I'm very impressed with Fluencia's Spanish course. The repetition and Smart Review™ is extremely helpful in retaining knowledge in my long term memory." –Arthur M.

"Fluencia is different than anything else I've tried. It's actually teaching me to speak and write properly!" –Ernst J.

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