Shouldn't "el ama de casa" be "la ama de casa"?

Feminine words in Spanish that begin with a stressed “a-” or “ha-” sound (like “ama,” “agua,” “águila,” etc.) take the article “el” in the singular. This is to avoid having the final “a” in the feminine article “la” blend into the leading “a” or “ha” in the noun that follows it. If another word comes between the article and the noun, “la” is still used: “el agua” but “la refrescante agua.”

Keep in mind that even though these nouns use “el” in the singular, any adjectives that describe them should still be in their feminine form. Also, in the plural, the feminine article “las” is still used.

• el ama de casa
• el ama de casa bonita
• las amas de casa

You can read more about this phenomenon on the following website:

It takes awhile to get used to using articles this way, but practice makes perfect!

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