I'd like to see some English translations!

While we don't recommend relying too heavily on translations for your Spanish studies -- comparing Spanish to English isn't a good long-term learning technique -- we know that sometimes seeing an English explanation of the Spanish you're reading can be helpful.

There are two places in Fluencia lessons where you can see English translations. The first is in the audio conversations at the beginning of the listening lessons. Clicking on each individual phrase in the conversation will show an English translation. Try listening to the conversation once through first, though, and using context clues to see if you can guess what they're saying! Then you can replay the conversation one line at a time.

You can also see word-by-word English translations in questions that contain Spanish (e.g., fill-in-the-blank type questions). Hovering your mouse over and individual word will show a translation of that word:

These translations are automatically generated, however, so you might want to double-check the meaning you see on our authored dictionary at  SpanishDict.com. And don't worry if you don't know the meaning of every single word in a conversation or question: we want you to guess sometimes!

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