I want Fluencia to always require accents.

By default, you're not graded on accents or punctuation when using Fluencia. If you'd like to require accents at all times, you can update your profile to do so.

You'll find this setting in your  profile. From any page in Fluencia, hover over your name in the upper righthand corner of the screen and click on the "My Profile" option in the dropdown menu.

From your profile page, scroll down to the bottom to the section marked "Account settings." (This is also the part of your profile where you can set voice recognition and auto-advance settings.) 

The option for "Require accents" will be unselected by default. If you check the box, Fluencia will grade all your answers for correct accent and punctuation usage. If you ever want to turn this requirement back off, just come back to your profile and uncheck the option.