How can I ask a grammar question?

You may run across grammar questions as you study with Fluencia -- that's normal! If you can't find a helpful lesson by using the Fluencia search page, there are a few other resources we recommend.

The Language Guide and Q&A sections over at offer a variety of useful topics. You can use the Language Guide to learn about things like adverb placementverb conjugations and usage, or how to use direct and indirect object pronouns

In the Q&A section, you can ask community members questions about the Spanish language or search for questions submitted by other users. Answers to questions on this part of the website are essentially crowdsourced, so you'll be able to read a variety of answers and ideas from both native Spanish speakers and Spanish learners.

While we'll direct you to answers if you email us, the best way to really make sure the concept sticks with you is to do a little detective work of your own! Remember, learning a language is a lifelong process, so you're bound to run across a few tricky concepts along the way.

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